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    Lightning Returns…But Will I?

    2014 - 03.14

    I love Final Fantasy games. I’ve been playing them since FF7 on the PSone. They always tend to have fun stories, beautiful artwork, and fun gameplay…until now. Final Fantasy 13: Lightning’s Return is FF’s latest installment in the series and the last part of the 13 trilogy. Before it came out, I heard about some of the changes they were going to make. I was hopeful and had a positive outlook on the changes. Then I actually played the game and man was I disappointed.

    Change and experimentation is good. Anyone who’s played a couple FF games knows that each one is a little different. FF13 introduced the ATB system, FF10 had a progression tree, jeez…FF8 even had a system where you collected your powers from the monsters (kind of like Pokemon) My biggest and main gripe with LR is it’s progression system.
    Gaining Experience

    In most FF games the way you get stronger is by simply defeating monsters. The bigger the monster the stronger you get. In LR, that’s not the case. In LR the way you gain experience is by completing side quests and helping people out. It can get pretty tedious sometimes just running around fighting monsters to level up, so this premise sounded pretty good. In actual practice though, it’s not. Usually you’ll be sent to go find something and at times it can be difficult to know where to look next. To make matters worse, certain locations are only available after midnight. Ok that’s fine, I’ll go do another quest in another area. But the monsters in that area are too strong right now. Ok then, I’ll just go to an inn and fast forward time. But the world is coming to an end in a couple of days so you should make the best of your time and do quests(More about that annoyance next). Ok so, I guess um…I’ll just keep running around finding clocks for example. FAIL

    Time Limit

    LR only gives you a couple of days to complete the game. I’m ok with that. It gives the game a sense of urgency. I assumed it would be like Majora’s Mask where you were able to turn back time to complete more quests. I assumed wrong. The days go by and at the end of the final day the world blows up, fades to black, GAME OVER. Now I kind of start to panic. I calm down, okay I’m sure I’ll be able to keep my upgrades and any main quests I’ve completed. Wrong again. I do keep some of my gear but every quest is reset and I have to start over again.

    I don’t mind playing a game again. Actually, I think replayability in a game is important. But come on, I put 30+ hours into it only to have to start over again. Most of those quests weren’t even that fun to begin with. It’s like working on a school assignment for weeks, having your computer crash, attempt to recover it, and only get half of the data back. FAIL

    Second Chance

    The Final Fantasy series’ artwork, music, cut scenes, and battle system are still one of, if not, the best in the genre. But will it be enough to bring me back to LR’s broken gameplay mechanic. I don’t know.