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  • Favorite Emotional Scene from Game of the Year – The Last Of Us

    2014 - 01.11

    With IGN awarding the game The Last Of Us with game of the year, I figure it’s about time I share with you my top emotional scene from this game.

    The Setup –

    The Last Of Us takes place in a post-apocalyptic zombie infested world. One of the main characters is a teenage girl named Ellie. Ellie was born and raised during the apocalypse. Her childhood has consisted of living in military compounds and running away from zombies. Ellie lost her parents at a very young age.  She also lost her best friend Riley because of a zombie attack. After the attack, it’s discovered that Ellie is immune to the zombie virus. She is then introduced to Joel who has been put in charge of taking Ellie to an important laboratory to find a cure for the virus. Joel is an older man that lost his own daughter during the beginning of the apocalypse.

    At one point during their journey to the laboratory (by this time more close friends have died)Ellie runs away. She finds out that Joel is trying to leave her with his brother and be free of the burden of taking Ellie to the laboratory. Joel catches up to her and finds her in an abandoned house. The scene then follows…

    The Elements of the Scene –

    Up until this point, Ellie has been very strong and independent. She is constantly telling Joel that she can take care of herself. The soft lighting, the stuffed animals, her curled up seating position, it all reminds the audience that Ellie, despite of the horrors she’s faced, is still just a scared girl.  When Joel tells Ellie that she “…has no idea what loss is.” you can see the mixed emotions of being scared, sad, and infuriated to the point that she even pushes Joel. Also notice that they chose a flat camera angle during their dialogue. The camera is not angled low or high despite the fact that Ellie and Joel differ greatly in height (I think they might have cheated a little to achieve this effect). This helps to show that neither character is stronger or weaker than the other. They both have had their share of hardships and loss. Their body language communicates what they are trying to accomplish. Ellie stands directly facing Joel even leaning in a bit as if to say “I’m going to take control of my life for a change” Joel on the other hand is facing away from Ellie, turning his back to her as if to say “I don’t want to face my problems and be reminded of the daughter I lost.”

    Congratulations to the creators (Naughty Dog)! They have definitely helped bridge the gap between Movies and Video Games. To hear more about the game, check out the link below to hear what IGN had to say about it. But if you really want to enjoy the game, just play it. Trust me, even if you don’t usually play video games you’ve got to play this one.


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