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    2013 - 11.12

    Rui and Me

    My son Rui and Me in Naha – Japan

    One of my earliest accomplishments was recreating Michelangelo’s “Creation” in 2nd Grade. I’ve been into art for as long as I could remember. After highschool, I went into the Marine Corps. But I always had an artistic side that was impossible to hide. During my 8 years of service I always found myself doing side projects like designing hat covers for my drill instructors, logos for my platoon, and concept art for tattoos. Once my contract was done I decided to go back to school and pursue a career in computer animation.

    I wasn’t sure what field I wanted to focus on, there was so many. While choosing a direction to go in, I kind of leaned my interests towards animation. But I feared whether I would be any good at it and more importantly, would I like doing it. That all changed after I had my first animation class. I had a natural talent for it. I made my first short film within the first month.

    I wondered for a moment, why did I gravitate towards animation and how did I have this talent for it. The answer is so obvious when I look back at my life. I can remember playing out animated scenes with my Ninja Turtles action figure and using the furniture as props and backgrounds. I remember playing through video games like Super Metroid and playing levels over and over again to not just beat the level, but to complete it the way I wanted to. As an adult, I liked doing activities involving movements like snowboarding in California, cliff diving in Hawaii, and reading body language in the clubs of Japan. Looking back I realize that I was meant to be an animator.

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