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    2014 - 01.02


    Why Syar?

    I’ve been using the artist name of Syar since I was in Miami Southridge Senior High School.  In high school I was really into the graffiti culture. As a graffiti artist you have to come up with your own name. I went through a couple of iterations of my tag name (artist name). One of the bad choices I could remember was RIZA. I really liked it until someone brought it to my attention that it’s the same name the rapper RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan goes by. So literally going back to the drawing board, I came up with the final assortment of letters. As far as the pronunciation goes, I don’t mind whichever way people say it. The artist name is something that is meant to be seen and appreciated visually. But if you would prefer to use the pronunciation I use, I use the pronunciation from the English dictionary for the word “sire” – used formerly to address a man of rank or authority (such as king or lord).

    My logo went through a similar evolution into what you see today. I knew I definitely wanted to go with a graffiti font that was similar to my signature but I needed an accent to go with it. I ended up with turning the Y into the yen symbol for Japanese money which is ¥ . Why the yen symbol? Because I spent 5 amazing years in Japan while I was in the Marine Corps. Thanks again for visiting my site and taking a curiosity to who I am and what I do.

    Syar aka Eddy Garcia – Animator

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